A guy tries to rob a Burger King with a sock puppet, how to get your kids to brush their teeth and ever wanted to get your husband to do chores around the house? There's an app for that. 

A man in Florida walked into a Burger King in an effort to rob the place, but he wasn't alone. He had a sock puppet friend holding the gun. He walked up to the register and told the manager in all seriousness that he was holding up the place and he wanted all the money in the till or he was going to shoot someone. The manager told Mr. Robber that he had to go get a key from the back and hid in a storage room for safety. The drive thru worker told a customer at the window to call 911 so the guy wouldn't see her using the phone. When our friend figured out what was going on, he ran out of the store, tripped on a cardboard display and is still on the loose.

A retired dentist in St. Louis has worked for ten years to get kids to brush their teeth better and his efforts are not in vain. Vortex Toothpaste has just hit the market and it's pretty cool. It's color changing toothpaste that becomes more vivid in color the longer you brush. It puts a stripe of blue and a stripe of red on the toothbrush. When combined, they make purple and it becomes more purpley the longer kids brush. It retails for $6.95 and while that is a bit spendy, it is less expensive than a trip to the dentist!

Ladies, have you ever wanted to get your man to do things around the house and it seems like your requests fall on deaf ears? Well, there's an app for that. Seriously. It's called the Husband Motivator App and it uses artificial intelligence to figure out the best way to get your husband off the couch and up and around helping out. It asks four questions about your mate and your answer to those questions are supposed to be able to trigger hidden motivators. As soon as hubby figures out what you're doing, the app is one step ahead. Try it for yourself HERE.