The Mix 94.9 $5000 Fugitive is still on the lam, whether we know it or not, we're cheating on our partners and Peter had some trouble with the copier this morning thanks to a lazy coworker, so I dug up some other dirt on what our coworkers do that drive us bonkers.


The Mix 94.9 $5000 Fugitive decided not to call and taunt us this morning, but apparently they had some hot weekend plans. Based on what we know, where do you think they'll go next?

The new iPhone is going to be released for sale sometime next week and if you buy one, you may begin cheating on your partner with it. Now, I'm not saying that you take it out to fancy restaurants, romantic walks on the beach and cradle it at night when you sleep, but it's close. A so-called "scientist" named Martin Lindstrom says that a study he just completed shows that people are literally in love with their iPhones. He put people in an MRI machine and played the sound of their phone ringing and showed them pictures of their phones. Turns out he got the same reaction in the subjects brains as when he showed them pictures of their boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/husband/wife. The reaction came from the part of the brain that monitors love and compassion. Lindstrom thought the reaction would show up in the addiction center, but not so. His conclusion? We are not addicted to our phones. We are actually IN LOVE with them.

Peter had some trouble with the copier this morning because someone thought it was a good idea to just put the five sheets of paper that they needed in the printer and leave the rest of the ream on the counter, so Peter came in the studio this morning flustered and ranting about his predicament, so I looked around and found out that Peter is not alone being irritated by his coworkers. A study by Samsung showed that eating smelly food, annoying cell phone ring tones, taking the last cup of coffee and not making a new pot and talking loudly on the phone all topped the list of annoying coworker habits. Coupled with the smelly food thing, I don't like loud chewing. What do your cowrkers do that drives you bonkers?