What do dentists give out for Halloween, what NOT to give out for Halloween and what are the scariest jobs in America. 

Dentists are the ones telling us to not eat candy, to brush and floss and come in every six months for your check up. As much as many of us don't like going to the dentist, they make our smiles pretty and how would we eat yummy food if we didn't have teeth? So, what do dentists give out for Halloween? Three out of five dentists give out candy! Almost half say that it's only once per year and you should practice good dental habits the other 364 other days. One in four dentists give out something other than candy like trinkets, toothbrushes and fruit. For those that DO give away candy, most prefer chocolate saying that it dissolves in your mouth rather than sticking to your teeth. The rest are clearly trying to drum up business by giving filling-ripping treats like caramel, chewy candies like Laffy Taffy and gum.

If you haven't decided what to give out this year, here's a list of what NOT to give out according to Complex, just so you can narrow it down and lessen the chances that your pumpkin is going to get smashed when you're not looking:

Candy Corn - It may be a Halloween staple, but it's the least liked candy among kids.

Jawbreakers - Halloween is about consuming as much candy as possible. You just end up sucking on jawbreakers for five minutes and then you throw it away. Do you know how many Three Musketeers bars you could have eaten in that same time frame?

Wax Coke Bottles - The syrup inside is OK, but most youngsters don't know what they are and end up trying to eat the whole thing instead of biting off the top like you should.

Black Licorice - It's an acquired taste and most five year olds haven't acquired that taste. I'm 32 and I still hate it.

Wax Lips - Tastes like Chap Stick. Not that Chap Stick tastes bad. Not that I've ever eaten Chap Stick. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Cherry was my favorite kind, but now it's more oily than it used to be. I've never eaten Chap Stick. Really. I also never ate paste. You must believe me.

Mallo Cups - It's trickery. Looks like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, but there's whipped cream inside.

Raisins - They're healthier, but that's not the point of Halloween.

Circus Peanuts - These were the inspiration behind Lucky Charms, but they're still disgusting.

Razor Blades - Just checking to see if you're paying attention.

Necco Wafers - Tastes like sidewalk chalk. Not that I've ever eaten that, either. Please. You must believe me.

Think your boss is scary? He or she isn't as bad as these scary jobs. Harris Interactive and Career Builder teamed up to see what we thought were the scariest jobs in America. High school teacher, firefighter, Alaskan crab fisherman, police officer, coal miner, military, high rise window washer, and bomb squad technician all made the top ten. The things that the rest of us are truly afraid of are heavy workloads, pay cuts and making presentations.