What does your Halloween candy say about you? Does junk food really cause nightmares? Too lazy to make a Halloween costume? We have costume ideas for you.

Do you have a hard time figuring out what to give away on Halloween or do you make a beeline for a certain type of candy? Gawker has figured out what the candy you hand out supposedly says about your personality.

Fun Sized Candy Bars - You're normal. You care about the tradition of Halloween, but not TOO much and you know exactly what kids want.

Non-Chocolate Candy (I wasn't aware this even existed) - If you hand out Skittles or Sweet Tarts, you still care about Halloween, but you like being different.

Candy Corn - You're way behind the times or you're trying to recreate your own childhood.

Tootsie Rolls - One of the best things to give out! You're simple, but classic.

Lollipops - You don't like Halloween and may not even have the lights on, but just in case the kids knock, you still want to hand something out.

Full Sized Candy Bars - You're really trying to impress the neighbors and care way too much about approval from nine year olds.

If your parents told you not to eat junk food before bedtime because it causes nightmares, it's not just an old wives' tale. Several studies show that if you eat junk food or spicy food before bed, it brings your body temperature up and triggers brain waves. In both cases, you're brain is working overtime instead of shutting off like it should when you go to sleep. When your brain is that active, it can cause nightmares. Now you know in case your kids want to eat all of their candy before bedtime on Halloween night. You can tell them it's true because you read it on the Internet.

Some people go all out and spend a lot of time and money on their Halloween costumes. Others wait until the last minute and throw something together, so if you're in the latter group, here are a few last minute Halloween costumes for lazy people:

Self Portrait - Get a giant picture frame from a secondhand store and hang it around your neck.

Smartie Pants - Get a roll of smarties and tape them to your butt.

Mummy - Wrap yourself in toilet paper. Two ply works best.

Hugh Hefner - Pajamas, robe, slippers and a pipe.