Undead or Canadian, haven't decided on a costume yet? We have the most popular costumes for 2011. And some really scary information about germs on surfaces we touch every day. 

Your Undead or Canadian subjects for today: Actress Judith O'Dea, Shannon Tweed and Rob Zombie. (Scroll down for the correct answers.)

Haven't decided on a costume yet? Here are some of the more popular Halloween costumes for 2011 according to Google searches. Number one (and we think this is a great idea for a family) Angry Birds. Also in the ornithological category, Black Swan. Some other popular costumes this year include: Nicki Minaj, Smurfette, Tron, Captain America and Charlie Sheen. What are you dressing up as this year?

This is probably one of the most scary stories you'll hear this week and you will likely have the urge to stock up on Purell. Can't say I blame you. Researchers swabbed surfaces we touch almost every day and tested them for bacteria, dirt, mold and germs that can spread the flu and here's what they found:

71% of gas pump handles had high concentrations of germs. Public mailbox handles were almost as filthy. 68% of those were full of germs. 43% of escalator rails, 40% of parking meters and parking kiosks, 35% of crosswalk buttons and 35% of vending machine buttons were some of the most germ infested spots we touch. Were you surprised that grocery cart handles and public toilets weren't on the list?

Your Undead or Canadian answers: Judith O'Dea, Rob Zombie and Shannon Tweed were all undead. Shannon Tweed is also Canadian. If you’re a Mix Insider, you can now enter the Morning Mix Word That Wins into your Mix Insider Rewards Account and score 25 hundred points that you can use to reward yourself with cash, gift cards, jewelery and more. Not a Mix Insider yet? Click here to subscribe! It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s FREE!