Dead or Canadian, the most relaxing song ever and Jimmy Fallon morphs into Michele Bachmann.

Your Dead or Canadian subjects for today: Actress Kristin Kreuk, racecar driver Dan Wheldon and jazz singer Diana Krall. (Scroll down for the correct answer.)

Scientists, sleep therapists and a band called Marconi Union have created what they call, "the most relaxing song ever". It's called Weightless and it starts at 60 beats per minute and gradually drops to 50 beats per minute and your heart rate is supposed to follow suit. The melody also never repeats because that would allow your brain to switch off. The song keeps triggering your brain which, the scientists claim helps you achieve a deeper sense of relaxation. What do you think?

The Presidential race is heating up and Michele Bachmann is refusing to back out of the race, despite her losing support among Republican voters. Jimmy Fallon wants to help her out, so he made a political ad for her. Do you think it will work?


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