How your job is killing you, how fast do you think you can drive and why the Stearns County Sheriff's Department may want to invest in a combine. 

As if it being Monday isn't bad enough, has come out with a list that explains why your job is killing you.

1. You Don't Get Enough Sleep - If you get less than seven hours per night, it can take years off your life. According to the Mayo Clinic, work-related stress is one of the main causes of insomnia and Harvard University says that tired employees cost companies $63 billion dollars per year.

2. Your Commute Sucks - The average commuter drives 23 minutes to work. If yours is much longer than that, you are putting yourself at risk for weight gain, back and neck pain and high cholesterol, according to a Gallup Poll.

3. Working Odd Hours Can Make You Gain Weight - Working the night shift or not having regular sleep patterns can mess up your metabolism and put you at higher risk for diabetes and heart disease.

How fast do you think you can drive? A new survey by Pemco Insurance asked drivers about their "speeding buffer zone" which is how much over the speed limit they think they can drive without getting a ticket. Half of those surveyed said that if you're doing less than four over you're safe, 43% think they're safe between five and nine over, and 5% say that you're not going to get a ticket for going 10 to 14 miles over. Thirteen percent of people say they speed a lot, 41% say they rarely do it and 8% say they never ever speed.

Last week, the Illinois police stopped a young man for a traffic violation. Turns out, he had also violated the conditions of his parole. Not wanting to go back to prison, he decided to run into a corn field to hide. He thought this was a brilliant idea, until the police knocked on the farmer's door, explained what was going on and gave the farmer a bulletproof vest and told him to go harvest his field. With his hiding spot quickly disappearing and being chased by a large piece of farm equipment, our friend quickly surrendered. He is being held on a number of violations.