The MIX $5000 Fugitive returns to the scene of the crime, The Monday Morning Song and would you pay $5.99 to recover your stolen smartphone?-


When I arrived at work this morning, I noticed the light on in my office (my office has a window that looks out over our parking lot). There was also a hand-written note from The Fugitive! Take a look at it here.


If you had an extra six bucks, would you spend that to recover your stolen iPhone? Not a bad return on investment right? Well, now you can, there's an app for iPhone called IGotYa. It only works with the iPhone 4. Utilizing the front facing camera, it snaps a shot of anyone who tries to open your phone and punches in the wrong security code. The app then emails you that picture. A woman from Queens, NY used the app to begin what is now a nationwide manhunt for the dude that snagged her phone. Check out the photo and the story.


I got to it late today- the hazards of not having Jen around to keep the show on track- so in case you got to work this morning without our Monday Morning Show Tune- here you go- play it loud and proud.. but please no choreography in the office.