We got an email from Marlene this morning, asking if she should allow her 16-year-old son to have his girlfriend in his bedroom with the door shut.  My mom let me have my girlfriend in my bedroom but the door had to remain open and she found 1,000 reasons to walk by it every time she was over.

We put that question to our listeners on our Facebook page and here are some of the comments.

K - That is a tough call. It is YOUR home, so it's YOUR rules. I allowed my teen to have the opposite sex in their room, but the door stayed open. A door closed signifies privacy. I figured privacy was not required when the opposite sex was present. Good luck!!

Jeff - Are her parents OK with it?

Karl - Door shut OK. Door locked, NOT OK. We let our 15 year old then son in his room with the door shut so his brother and sister would stay out. But we would check on them every so often.

Jeryn - Um... NO.

Rendi - NO they should not be alone in his bedroom. I would say more but I think we all know what could happen if 2 young people are alone in bedroom.

Samantha - Would you rather have him there where you can check them every so often or have him find somewhere else to take her where they are completely alone.

Kristin - As the mother of a daughter...NO. If you are considering it let the girl's parents know. My rule is no boys upstairs (where all the bedrooms are) and if they are downstairs the doors stay unlocked. No reason to make it easy for them.

Jodi - ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!! Been down this road... didn't turn out well!!! From a mom who has learned from experience.... twice! And I'm not stupid enough to think they aren't going to "do it"... but not under my roof!

To read the other responses / comments, click here.  Hope this helped Marlene and from one teenage parent to another, good luck :)