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Thinking about sending roses for Valentine’s Day? Here’s what you should send to send the correct message. Internet flower distributor Teleflora says that the number of roses you send carries a meaning that you never knew. Here’s a guide.
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I love pizza. Which is good because pizza and I spend quite a few Friday nights together, snuggling on the couch. Make an awesome Valentine’s Day pizza for your sweetie…..even if your sweetie is yourself.
They say that beauty is skin deep. Apparently, the same goes for cuteness, which is why the ASPCA’s Meet Your Match pet pairing program — designed to match pet and human personalities.
Adele has been quiet lately because she had to be. After having vocal cord surgery to remove polyps that caused her to table several planned tours, the women behind the best-selling album since 2004, ’21,’ was ordered to pipe down and keep quiet until she healed. So she had no choice. However, she’s made progress and is opening up to Anderson Cooper on ’60 Minutes,’ which airs this Sunday (Feb. 12) before the Grammys.
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The most talked about Half-Time show indecency since Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake is M.I.A. flipping the bird. TMZ claims M.I.A. might end up getting the bill if NBC is fined for unknowingly broadcasting her middle finger.