With lots of news on Whitney Houston's death to Adele's HUGE Grammy night, here are the top stories you may have missed this week!

  • Stroke Survivor Runs for a Cause, Making a Difference

    Not many of us could ever think of having a stroke as being a blessing, but today we have a story of a young from St. Cloud who has used this adversity to make a big difference.

    Kyle Scheeler and Tedy Bruschi
  • Is This the World’s Most Expensive Starbucks Drink?

    People who get their morning jolt of caffeine from Starbucks are accustomed to the steep prices, but Logan Warren may have found the exact combination necessary to create the most expensive Starbucks drink in the history of ever.

    Logan Warren
  • Why Diets Fail

    There are a lot of us out there who have tried and tried again to lose weight and a lot of us fail over and over again even if we do everything by the book. Well, here are some reasons diets fail.

    Getty Images
  • The Latest “Dancing With The Stars” Rumors

    ABC won’t reveal the cast of the next season of “Dancing With The Stars” for another two weeks but the internet is full of rumored cast members. The cast will be reveled on “Good Morning America” on February 28th.

    Getty Images
  • Adele Explains Her Five-Year Hiatus Statement

    Take a deep breath, Adele fans. Yes, she’s taking a break after her triumphant, Grammy-sweeping year, but it looks like that whole “five-year break” thing was some sort of misunderstanding: According to Adele’s latest website update, she’s due to return to the studio in the very near future.

    Getty Images
  • Whitney Houston News

    Last weekend we lost an amazing voice, Whitney Houston. With all of the news on her death, autopsy, funeral, Click the above link to get all of the news related to Whitney Houston you may have missed this week.

    Getty Images