Every Wednesday morning around 8:30, Einstein, the smartest white-coat nerd from The MIX Science Labs stops by The Morning MIX with Pete And Jen with a primer for tonite's Team Trivia.

Einstein reveals the categories and literally gives you points by revealing one of the questions we'll ask tonite:

Here's your question for tonite:

Q: "Sue", the most preserved T-Rex fossil ever found was discovered in what state?

A: South Dakota

TGI Friday's Trivia categories

Science Shmience

Back To School Movies

Fall TV Line-Up

Cereals (visual)


State Fair

TV Theme Songs (audio)

NFL Football

Get your team together and come hungry tonite at 6! If your team scores the most points, you'll win the $94 Big Brain Bonus Pack that includes free drinks, gift certificates and cool swag from TGI Friday's and MIX 94.9. Click here to find out more...


Listen to Einstein school Pete, Jen and Ashlii in Science: