You've had a busy week! Work, Family, Planning what to eat for the big game. If you missed some of this weeks top stories, we have you covered!

  • Look Out! Grandma’s Got a Gun!

    A 64-year-old woman help police catch a fleeing suspect. She should get a plastic badge and a sign on her door that says, “Keep Off the Lawn, Punk!”

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  • Here’s What You Need to Know About The Super Bowl

    Here’s some trivia about the big game, what we girls need to know about football and related nomenclature and terminology here are some key words and phrases you need to know.

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  • Make a Valentine’s Day Feeder for the Birds

    Ricky and her Daughter love craft days. Here is a good way to give back to the birdies for Valentine's Day!

    Ricky Woods
  • Man Punishes Teenage Girl By Sending Her Naked Photo To Classmates

    A 31-year-old man went through his girlfriend’s teenage daughters phone and found a naked photo of herself. Instead of telling the girlfriend about it since she is the mother of the teenager, or having a talk with her yourself and completely embarrass her; the man decided to go a different route.

    Flickr, Jhaymesiviphotography
  • Ever Heard Coldplay Acapella?

    There’s an awesome musician named Mike Tompkins who has done acapella covers of Adele, Taio Cruz, Maroon Five and others and his videos are just as cool as the songs he covers. His latest is an acapella version of Coldplay’s Paradise.