Think back to your High School days. Would you cringe if those pictures ever made it on a website for everyone to see?

That's what happens when you become famous, people will sell old photos of you for some quick cash!

A website called has put together a photo gallery of famous musicians' high school pictures. Some of them are simply too awesome not to share the link!

CLICK HERE to see what  Adam Levine, Steven Tyler, Beyonce, Mariah Carey and more looked like in high school.

And since I am sharing awesomely bad photos of others, I might as well share my own. Granted, I am not showing you the really bad ones that I keep in a box for no one to ever see! Not even past boyfriends or close friends have seen these unless then knew me back in the day! The photo to the left is one of my senior photos....back when over plucking was great! My eyebrows look like swimming DNA, and that was just the start of plucking my eyebrows. Oops!

Would you be embarrassed to have an old photo of you make it on a website for millions to see?

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