You don't realize how many Minnesota specific problems there are until you start to list them! Crack open an ice cold pop and check out this list of Minnesota Problems.


- Bringing a jello salad to a party in your "good" Tupperware, leaving it there, and being too polite to ask for it back.

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- No one will ever take the last cookie or bar on the platter. Ever.


- Holding the door open for the person who is walking in behind you, who is at the farthest end of the parking lot.


- Waiting in line for an 40 minutes at the state fair for a bucket of chocolate chip cookies. #SweetMarthasCookieJar


- Having a sore arm from waving at every single car you pass.


- Starting every pro sports season thinking the team will make it to the playoffs and eventually accepting that "it just isn't our year".

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- The embarrassed feeling after the waitress tells you to enjoy your meal and replying, "you too!".


- Being late for your next event because you took too long to say goodbye at the previous one.


- Forgetting bug spray when you head up to the cabin for the weekend and spending the next week itching your ankles.


- Saying you had a successful weekend fishing and not wanting to give away what lake you were on.

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-Always having to factor in an extra 30 minutes of drive time in the summer months because of road construction.


- It's not so much the heat, but that gosh darn humidity.


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