You've heard the phrase, "Minnesota Nice," and chances are, you've been accused of being just that. But where did it come from, and is it true?

According to Wikipedia, it's the stereotypical behavior of people born and raised in Minnesota to be courteous, reserved and mild mannered.

Honestly, Minnesota Nice is really just another way ( a nicer way) of saying passive aggressive. There. I said it.

My old GM back in Allentown used to refer to it once in awhile when talking about me. Usually when she was using the word hotdish in the same sentence. Although, the folks I worked with back east were just as darn nice as the ones here. However, in a survey of personality characteristics, it did show that Minnesotans tend to be more agreeable as a whole, than folks in other parts of the country.

Garrison Keillor says it's another way of saying "non-confrontational." I'll accept that most of the time. I would rather close my door or walk away than argue with someone who will never understand anyway. But if you back me up against a wall, treat someone (including furry someone's) badly, or irritate me one too many times, I'll let you know what the deal is.

In the nicest way possible, of course.