Did you know that one of the tallest people in the world, lives right here in Minnesota?

Igor Vovkivinsky is a college student.  A college student that is 7'8", and wears a size 26 shoe.

As a result of his 15 different foot surgeries over the last three years, Igor needs to wear special shoes.  Shoes that are custom made for him.  Reebok told him these shoes would cost him @ $15,000.

That's right, 15K for one pair of shoes!

Igor decided to take the advice of friends, and start a website where he could accept donations.  Long story short - Igor eventually received more than $25,000 in donations - all from people around the state of Minnesota.

Igor posted a note on his website that now reads," Thank you so much kind people of Minnesota.  Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and outpouring of support."

That, Igor, is what "Minnesota" nice, is all about.