Three brothers from New Brighton log hundreds of hours in the Minnesota winter to create huge snow sculptures.

It started out as a way to get outside and have some fun, and now, the giant sculptures have a much deeper meaning.

The brothers of the Bartz family in New Brighton have created very impressive (and gigantic) snow sculptures over the last four years. It's something the guys wanted to do, just to get outside and have some fun, and they have brought joy not only to their community, but also to Haiti.

Bartz Snow Sculptures via Facebook

The Bartz boys log hundreds of hours each winter creating the sculptures, and then some supporters from their community suggested setting up a donation box for folks stopping by.

The sculptures are impressive, but what the Bartz boys are doing with the donations, maybe even more impressive.

Bartz Snow Sculptures via Facebook

The Bartz decided with the donations collected, they were going help change some lives.

They teamed up with One Day Wages to help raise funds to provide clean drinking water to people Haiti.

Impressive young men.

Check out their progress on this year's sculpture (a giant octopus) on their Facebook page and you can help their cause by making a donation in their drop box when stop by their New Brighton home (address is on their Facebook page) or by going HERE.

You guys have a great talent and attached it to a greater cause. I applaud you. Nicely done.

Watch the Bartz boys sculpt their giant turtle.