I was so happy to hear that Michael J. Fox is developing a sitcom inspired by his life.  He would be the star of the show, which I assume would involve his struggles with Parkinson's disease.  No other details to report and no network is attached to the project yet.

Michael was diagnosed with Parkinson's back in early 1991, and revealed it publicly in 1998.  He retired from acting on a full-time basis back in 2000, when he left the highly rated "Spin City."   Since then, Michael's made several guest appearances on multiple shows including one of my all time favorites, "Rescue Me."

I applaud Michael for the work he's done in raising money and awareness for Parkinson's with the Michael J. Fox Foundation.  He's written several books on the disease and the struggles its presented for his day to day life.  This hits home for several of us here at the radio station, as my father in law is currently fighting this disease and we pray that a cure is found sooner rather than later.