I've always enjoyed getting photo Christmas cards from friends and family, so I decided to finally make my own! And being single with no kids, I decided to show off my Fur Family!

Getting my furfamily to look good in a picture is not easy, especially the cats. My two, Frog and Lily, were the easiest ones to get a good photo. For the two of them it took less than an hour! They were little models. I seriously need to think about getting paid for their photos. They sat on top of the gift like good little kitties and they got a bunch of treats when they were done! I wish they would behave that well when it's bath time.

Now my dog, June Bug on the other hand was a mess. She takes the cutest photos when its just her. Getting a cute picture with me holding her, not so easy. Not looking at the camera, or looking away right as the flash would go off. It took two attempts on different days to get one good shot. I chose the last picture that was taken. If you know a Boston Terrier, you know they are such lovers and kiss givers. That is why I picked the one with her tongue sticking out!

I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and an amazing 2012!