MELROSE - The Melrose community overwhelmingly voted against a $25.7-$28.8 million referendum for Melrose Schools on Thursday.

A two-part question was on the ballot. The first asked for $24.9 million towards construction, plus $800,000 in bonding costs. The second question involved a $3.1 million bond to build an additional 2-station gym with a walking track.

Question one failed with 81 percent voting no. 78 percent voted no for question two.

"We had a large voter turnout. Obviously, this was not the result we were looking for but the voters decided and that's all we can ask," Melrose school board chair Pat Schad said in an email to WJON.

The money would have been used to put in new elementary and early childhood classrooms, new agriculture and auto shop classrooms, a pool, a two-station gym and two tennis courts.

If question one passed, it would have increase property taxes on a home valued at $150,000 by $213 a year ($17.75 per month). Question two would increase taxes on the same home by $31 per year ($2.55 per month).

"I can tell you that we were all shocked at the results. We figured it would be much closer than this." Schad says.