It happens all the time. You see a big name celebrity in the top feed of your Twitter, or even on Facebook, and you are shocked to learn the news. More shocked at yourself for believing everything you see on the internet once you find out so-and-so is alive and well and just the victim of another death hoax.

Megan Fox is the latest celeb to be a victim of such hoax. Her faux death was even trending. With 98% of her fan base on social media, Megan figured it was best to join twitter to dispel those rumors.

Her first tweet?


I guess that is one good reason to be on social media. People know you're alive. As odd as that sounds, its true for my mom and I. When I lived in Texas, if I didn't call my mom after a few days, she would check my Facebook to see when I last put a status on. If it was in the past 24 hours, she knew I was O.K. Because calling me first is a bad idea?!

What celebrities do you follow on Twitter?

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