Neon Trees are just one of the many acts, that will be rocking Royalton on Saturday August 18th.  We are thrilled the band has signed on for our first annual Mix Summer Spectacular and look forward to seeing their high energy performance.

Neon Trees is made up of neighborhood friends Tyler Glenn, Chris Allen, Branden Campbell and Elaine Bradley. The band's name originates from the lighted trees on the In-N-Out Burger signs, which inspired Tyler Glenn. In a strange twist of fate, it was later learned that Branden Campbell's father, who designed neon lights in Las Vegas, helped design the very lights that inspired Glenn.

Neon Trees hail from Provo, Utah and have released numerous indie albums since 2005.  Their first major label release "Habits" helped catapult them to super stardom world wide with the lead-off single "Animal" which eventually peaked at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and #1 on the Alternative Rock chart.  The group toured extensively around the globe with bands like My Chemical Romance, The Killers and Duran Duran.  They also appeared on major TV shows like The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Late Show with David Letterman.

Neon Trees got back into the studio late last year to begin recording their next album "Picture Show."  The band released their first single off the new album "Everybody Talks" this past March and the song is featured in a nationwide commercial for the new Buick Verano.

Listen for the new single and more on Saturday August 18th at the Halfway Jam Grounds in Royalton.  The Mix Summer Spectacular promises to be the best "end of summer" concert in Central Minnesota and the tickets are going fast!

Click here for tickets and information.  Click here to learn more about Neon Trees.