ME!!!!!! O.K. We all know that is a lie! But, we do sorta look a like if you squint your eyes enough.

Meet Amanda Setton, Adam's new arm candy. Amanda may look familiar, she is on Gossip Girl. The two met via mutual friends and have been dating for the past month. Her friends are warning her to not get too attached to Adam. (Because they know he's my man, right?!)

“Unfortunately, Adam’s reputation with the ladies precedes him. He doesn’t seem to go often without having a glamorous supermodel on his arm – so there’s a worry Adam could be playing Amanda."

She seems to look like a model if you ask me. No different than is ex's Anne Vyalitsyna and Behati Prinsloo.

“We’ll just have to wait and see. At the moment, they’ve just started seeing each other – we’ll soon know if it’s serious or not.”

Isn't that true with any relationship. Most don't get serious halfway through date number one. Either way, I am very jealous Amber. If only he would have seen me Monday at his concert . . .oh but wait. There is more!!

Gossip Cop calls this rumor false. SO ladies, I guess we might be able to relax for just a little bit longer.

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