A man's desire to get a mistletoe decoration for his home has landed him in jail. 

The man, William Robinson was at a suburban Atlanta shopping mall when he spotted some mistletoe inside a Christmas tree in the parking lot. He says that he always tries to find a sprig or two for himself and some for his friends who claim they can't find the holiday decoration and says that it's an annual tradition for him to snag some mistletoe from somewhere besides the store and that the best way to do that is with a shotgun.

He said he spotted the mistletoe hanging in the tree and couldn't reach it, so he used the next best thing. William whipped out his .12 gauge shotgun and tried to shoot it out of the tree. A witness saw this and called police. They caught up with him at a gas station and he was arrested.

There was a note at the bottom of the police report said, "He does this every year, but never in the mall parking lot. The suspect was surprised he was getting arrested."