A 31-year-old man went through his girlfriend's teenage daughters phone and found a naked photo of herself. How would you have handled this situation?

Instead of telling the girlfriend about it since she is the mother of the teenager, or having a talk with her yourself and completely embarrass her; the man decided to go a different route.

The man decided to teach her a lesson by texting said photo to 40 of her classmates! One would think just sending that photo to her mother would be enough to teach her a lesson, but apparently this guy doesn't think things through.

When the girls school found out, they stepped in and were on her side. They sent a letter home asking students to delete the photo instead of spreading it around, which is what we can all see happening! The man ended up getting arrested for exploitation of a minor, and could face federal child pornography charges.

Has something similar to this happened to you with your kids? What do you feel is the appropriate way to 'teach a lesson' to your child? Comment below with your thoughts!