ST. CLOUD -- The man arrested for starting a fire at the St. Cloud Public Library last month has pleaded guilty.

Forty-seven-year-old Jorge Ozornia of St. Cloud has pleaded guilty to first-degree arson for the August 17th fire.

According to the criminal complaint, a library employee noticed Ozornia tearing pages from a book and feeding a fire that was burning a seat cushion. The witness told the responding officer the suspect told her to call police. Another witness also saw Ozornia using a book to fan the flames and was also told to call police.

When an officer arrived on scene Ozornia held his hands out as if to be handcuffed. The officer asked Ozornia if he started the fire and he said he had.

With the plea, Ozornia is expected to be sentenced to 7 1/2 years in prison when he's in court November 21st..

The fire didn't cause extensive damage from the flames, but smoke damage has prevented the library from opening until the clean-up can be completed. It could be closed until early October.