A man in Canada helped to save the life of an elderly woman over a thousand miles away. Now that's what I call reaching out and touching someone. 

Patsy Watkins says she was alone in her apartment when she fell and hurt her head. She tried calling her daughter and accidentally dialed the wrong number. Matthew Washer is the man she did manage to reach and he said she explained what had happened and that she needed medical attention. Normally, someone may think this is a prank phone call, hang up and not think anything of it. Not this guy. He took down her information and contacted emergency workers. After 20 minutes on the phone, they managed to track down her exact apartment address and made sure someone could help her.

Matthew said that he wanted to make sure that someone could attend to her and emergency workers said that they got some nurses and an ambulance to her location and she is expected to be fine. Patsy said that it's unbelievable that Matthew took the time to do all that for a crazy old lady and calls him her guardian angel.

I once helped out a total stranger after I witnessed a car accident. A wheel had fallen off of his vehicle and he rammed head first into a barrier wall. His car started to fill with smoke so I ran over an opened up his door, made sure he wasn't injured and placed him in my car as I called 911 for help. I went back and kept him calm while we waited for the police and ambulance. I never found out his name, but it felt good to help out a stranger.

Have you ever gone out of your way to help someone you didn't know?