I know we are in baseball mode right now, but one thing that sets the NFL apart from the MLB is the cheerleaders.

Even though there are several male cheerleaders in High School, are they necessary for the big leagues? Being a woman, I don't mind having  women excite the crowd or do a little dance here and there. If I had the body I would maybe even try out for the Vikings squad. I love to dance! But this guy is trying to be the first NFL male cheerleader.

All comments aside, at least this guy is following his dreams. His name is Sacha Heppell, and sadly he didn't make the squad. He did have the moves, just a little sloppy. He gets an A for team spirit though! And yes, ANYONE can try out to be on the squad, but it's up the the judges to determine the best.

Would you take a second glance if you saw a male cheerleader on the turf with high kicks and splits?

Here's his audition

Here's his video getting ready to audition