I often wonder what I could be doing to make sure my children are happy...feel safe...feel loved. I often wonder if they know how much I love them; How their grandparents love them.

I don't know if it's good to be a "BUSY MOM"...I work long hours to make sure they have a safe warm place to live; food on the table.  We have a routine worked out; allowance for chores; and what's expected.

But where is the quality time in being a single parent? I feel blessed to be able to take care of my children. With my limited time, what can I do to make sure that we have the quality time we need. I found a list of some things that can turn limited time into quality time; It made me feel a little better that I'm doing okay at familylife.com.. Here's the list:

  • Road Trips- Invite them along to your trips to the grocery store; fundraising events; Movies; Parks. It might sound funny to some, but getting teens out of the house can be a challenge. Even if they don't always come along; invite them so they know you want to be with them. I honor their wishes to stay home as I realize teens like their alone time; but they always know they are invited to come with me.
  • Nicknames for each child- Drewster, Busy and Pinball. Check. They each have nicknames...some more than one. I call them their names in the most loving way, and they know they are special.
  • Dates with the kids- I try to spend alone time with each of my kids; but doing it at least once a month sometimes doesn't happen. Whether it be doing a special activity with each child at home, or taking them out on a special parent/child date; they need to know they are special.
  • Kids Activities-My kids aren't into sports. They like gaming, card games, chess; I'm terrible at all of it; but I try to play...I could do more in this arena.
  • Dinner- We spend most afternoons at least in the kitchen together for about 15 minutes while we eat, and then after we eat. We chat while we do the dishes, or watch TV. It' s not a lot, but we are together everyday for that time.
  • Do chores together- I help my kids with their chores. If they are washing dishes, I'll dry or put away. If they are folding clothes, I'll put away. I always let them know how much I appreciate their help.
  • Play THEIR games- As stated above, doing what THEY love, is the best way to get a conversation!
  • Introduce them to new things- New foods, new places- If you can plan a trip for your family, do it!
  • Talk to them each night- I try to go over what we need to know for the next day.
  • Tell them goodnight EVERY NIGHT. I try to tell my kids good night each night, since I go to bed before they do. (Honestly...Sometimes I fall asleep before I tell them goodnight....

What do you do to make sure your kids get quality time with you?

For the whole article on quality time with your kids, click on the link below: