Thanksgiving is fun. You get to gather with the family but there's none of the stress of presents. Your only responsibility is to take down more mashed potatoes than nature probably intended. Oh, and maybe you could sprinkle a few easy decorations around the house to make it look like you really put in some effort ('cuz you know that "homemade pie" came from Perkins - guilty!).

My three-year-old daughter and I put together a turkey craft a day for five days and we hoped they'd be cute but more than that, we hoped they'd be easy. So, if you're all for some easy (and cute) turkey decorations - follow along with us!

Turkey Suckers were a great way to start our turkey craft series because it involved suckers. My little girl doesn't ever want one sucker, she wants TWO suckers (one for each hand, obviously). Well, here are FIVE suckers (dressed up as turkeys).

Get some felt squares and some googly eyes (we found ours at Michaels). The suckers we had left over from Halloween. Oh, wait that was the plan but someone ate them all. (I'm not naming any names...Elena.) So we bought some more.

I used a circular Tupperware lid to trace about an 8-inch circle on the felt. Cut that out then fold the circle in half twice so you find the center. Snip a hole for the sucker stick to go through. Wrap the felt around the sucker and fasten it with a rubber band. Fluff out the felt tails to look like a turkey then glue on googly eyes and a felt beak and wattle.

That's it, you're done! (Hey, I never claimed to be Martha Stewart.)