My girl and I love a holiday and especially a holiday that involves a lot of chocolate. Yesterday, we decided to get busy on a Valentine's feeder for the birds...tomorrow, we'll move on to the chocolate. Oh, who are we kidding? We're about ten minutes away from some chocolate!

  • 1

    Spread Something Sticky

    First, we cut some hearts out of a cardboard box. You could cut another shape but a heart lets the birds really know you love them. Then, spread something sticky on there. We used Crisco, because that's what the directions told us to do, but why couldn't you use peanut butter or honey...or melted chocolate?

  • 2

    Oh, That's Why...

    Because whatever you are spreading on your heart - your child will eat. Lucky for us, the Crisco doesn't taste very good.

  • 3

    A Valentine's Day Bird Feeder

    After your heart is good and sticky, sprinkle some bird seed on it. In case you've ever wondered, bird seed doesn't taste that great either. Is it chocolate time yet?

  • 4

    Go Outside and Spread Some Love

    Now, show those birds some love and hang your fancy new feeders in a tree. Ummm, hang them a little higher than this, though. The dog DOES think bird seed and Crisco taste good. We lost a feeder before we discovered this.

  • 5

    Here Little Birdie, Birdie, Birdie

    So, now we're inside waiting for the birds to feel the love and come enjoy our Valentine. Waiting...waiting...well, at least we've got some chocolate to eat while we wait.