They say, "you have to play to win"... I don't play often, but when I win even $20, I'm ecstatic! Over a two-week period, this couple won way more than $20... WAY MORE!

A couple in Virginia are either, the luckiest couple in America, or they are criminal masterminds who have found a way to win the lottery... if that's the case, we need to be best friends.

The couple won the lottery THREE times in TWO weeks! How is that possible? They won one-MILLION-dollars back on March 12th when they matched five numbers in the Powerball. Then, they won $50,000 in a Pick 4 drawing on the 26th, and finally, they won ANOTHER one-MILLION-dollars on a scratch-off the next DAY.

That's a grand total of $2,050,000 in lottery winnings in two weeks. Again, I'm excited to win $20 on a three-dollar scratch off. These have to be the luckiest people walking the earth.

Can you describe what it would even feel like to win $2,050,000 of winnings in two week? What would you do with that money? I know one thing, I'd be out of debt.