We can all be honest here. Lindsay Lohan is not the image of prim and proper these days. One could even say she is a pile of trash.

Meet Jason Mecier, the same guy who did the Honey Boo Boo trash portrait. He decided to morph more trash into another celebrity portrait, this time his target was Lindsay Lohan. In 50 hours he took cigarette butts, tampons, Q-Tips, bullet shells, ant tramps, and more to make this lovely master piece.

Does Jason think Linsday is trash?

"I love Lindsay! I'm a huge fan. She seems to love publicity and controversy, so I think she will like it. It's all in fun. This portrait is glamorous!"

I hope she does like it. To be honest, it is pretty cool! Watch the video below to see Jason creating his Lindsay Lohan trash masterpiece.

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