At what age is it okay to let your child fly without being accompanied by an adult? Or, is it EVER okay? A recent story about a 10 year old who went missing for a short time, makes me think that it's never okay.

Annie and Perry Klebahn’s 10-year-old daughter, Phoebe, missed her plane connection because the third-party unaccompanied minor service representative forgot to show up. WHAT?

Phoebe was on her way to summer camp, and her parents only found out she was missing when the camp called to say she hadn't arrived. Once someone realized she was "missing, it took another hour to find her.

As if that's not bad enough, Phoebe asked several times to use a phone to call her parents, and asked the flight attendants for help. Each time she was told to wait because they were busy.

So, how do you make something like this work? Is it okay to send a 10 year old on a flight alone if you give them a cell phone? Maybe a direct flight would help, although not always possible. Perhaps you just keep them at home.

At what age would you allow your child to fly on a plane unaccompanied?