Are you a person that lives their life always thinking about what you are going to do at the last minute... Is the reason you don't have long term goals because you fear your goals arent worthy, or good enough? Are you afraid of the dreamkillers out there? I've been laughed at many times, and in the big picture..who cares!  Who will be laughing when your dreams come to be? YOU. I've got some great ideas for helping you get started at making things happen. And even if the end result means more life experience and maybe a different plan...It will give you a much richer life,  no matter the outcome.


Something that I've learned over the last several years is that things don't happen unless you visualize them to happen. I sometimes get off course...but I always come back around, and find the motivation to jump back on the bus.

For example, lets say it's your son's birthday. If you want to do something special for him, you start to visualize what that might be. You may visualize having his friends over...balloons all over a specific room in the house...You may visualize the food and drinks that you will be having...You may visualize your son opening a gift and seeing the look of sheer joy on his face. You may visualize his favorite cartoon character on the cake, with his favorite kind of cake,...You may visualize the smile on his face as he tastes the delicious cake, and the twinkle in his eyes, when he see's that a room has been decorated in his favorite colors, especially for him.


It's sometimes so easy for us to visualize things to happen for those we love, yet we are afraid of what WE might actually want out of life. It may be scary, but take a time out...and let these ideas help you accomplish more with the life you've been given, and start operating in faith, instead of fear.


Did you see something or somebody do something today that really inspired you? Did you think to yourself..."Wow...I'm really passionate about that. I should get involved." If you actually have one of these AHA moments, take action and do something about it. Recognize the idea, and instead of putting the idea away, write it down in a dream book. Even if it has to sit on the page for a while, let the ideas begin to filter out to paper. Before you know it, the filtering from your mind to paper, will then begin to come to life from paper to reality.


Keep your dream book handy, so that you can refer to it often. Look at the ideas that you've had, and start envisioning your ideas coming to life. You can do this on your drive to work...on a lunch break, or on an evening walk. Envision it just like you would if you were making this happen for a close friend or family member. The mind can be a great place of happiness, and stress relief even if we have difficulty in our current situations to make our ideas come to life.


Start writing down a plan of action as if this was something that you really were going to pursue. Write down the overall goal....envision the steps that it would take to get there. Start writing down the steps.


Look at your abilities. What are your dreams? Are you trying to build a rocket, but you don't understand science? Are you trying to be a singer but can't carry a tune in a bucket? Are the goals achievable for you?

Now that you've envisioned your ideas, and you've written down some steps that it would take to make them happen, get a calendar and start looking at when you could begin putting your plan into action. If your ideas are going to require funding, start writing a new Dream Journal entry, and repeat the above process for every idea or vision you have. You may not pursue them all, but you definitely don't want to forget your ideas. One of them could change your life, and the lives of many people around you.


You'll be amazed at all you can accomplish when you start living the ideas that you envision. Recognize your own spectacular ideas, and even if you have setbacks due to work, illness, burn out...Always get back into your Dream Journal, and you'll be amazed at all the things that will start happening for you.