Charlie Sheen is anxious to get back to work on Two and a Half Men -- and he's angry that the show isn't ready to start back up quite yet.

When asked about widespread reports that the show is on hiatus due to his addiction treatment, Charlie told an interviewer:

Charlie admitted that the show went dark so that he could recover, but he said, "They didn't think it was going to happen this fast. I heal really quickly, but I also unravel pretty quickly, so get me right now, guys. Get me right now!"

What does he have to say to producers?


Charlie says that he's 100 percent clean right now, but admitted that being sober;
"is not who I am." He explained, "I was sober for five years a long time ago and was just bored out of my tree."
He said that advice to stay sober is "lame." Charlie added, "Today, I'll stay like this. I'm having a ball. I am enjoying every moment."
Meanwhile, reported that Warner Bros. has cut four of the remaining episodes of Two and a Half Men that were scheduled to be filmed this season.
One crew member told TMZ, "We've been left in the dark and now we have no pay for 4 episodes and all we hear is that (creator) Chuck Lorre is saying, 'They're not my problem.'"
The show is set to resume production on February 28th.