It doesn't matter if you like Lady Gaga's music or not; when you hear it do you ever think "What was that?" If you answered yes, I have the answer.

So what does Gaga herself classify her music as? Weird? New Age? Intense? Possibly all of them plus more into one! With the news of a new album this year, Gaga shares her thoughts on what inspired her for this album.

"With my music there's lots of really big Def Leppard-style melodies in the choruses, but it's electronic dance music.  I'd call it avant-garde techno rock.  It is very hard and very edgy. There are a lot of rock influences, but it's not that it's rock music."

To further confuse us on her style of music, Gaga has somewhat created her own genre to classify her music.

"It is an exploration of electronic music and techno songs but I have created a genre of metal / dance / techno / rock / pop music with a lot of anthemic choruses, because that is actually the music I love."

Since there is no clear definition of her music, let's just create a genre called Gaga, easier to pronounce than MDTRP. I personally view her music as electronic pop. But we may be in for something new with her next album.

What do you think of Lady Gaga's music? Share your thoughts below, would love to hear your input!

Here is a video of her Top 10 Songs

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