For the long Labor Day weekend, Brittany, Shay and me packed up and headed Southeast to spend the weekend with Brittany's parents, well, most of her family, really.

Friday, my father-in-law and I took care of a tree that was ready to come down. The tree trimmers were out earlier in the week bringing the monster down, then Gary sawed it up while I split it. That was the start to the long holiday weekend.

After that, we were hanging out at "Rez Fest". Rez Fest is a tradition family friends from Brittany's home town have been doing for 17-18 years (nobody could really remember how long it's been).

All I can tell you is, that's a lot of fun, even when it's hotter than... you know.

Rez Fest is, for some, a week long camping trip, for others it's the three day weekend camping trip. Either way, it's non-stop fun.

Everybody brings food to pass, you provide your own meat... For example Saturday night we had steaks and pork chops (that I bought from McDonald's Meats before we went down), Friday night somebody provided ribs for all and Sunday it's "munchies day". There is still plenty of meat, but that's when a lot chips and dips come out and little finger foods.

All week/weekend, it's just a group of family and friends hanging out, having some cold beer and enjoying the company of each other and just "getting away" from the daily grind of life.

It's relaxing, it's fun, it's even kind of crazy with all the people and personalities that come out.

Sunday, every year, there is a bean bag tournament consisting of 18-teams. We get this going at noon and it ends around 6:00 (or so) every year.

It's always a great time, you get teamed up with another person at random and you have a chance to win some cash.

This year's tournament also landed on Brittany's birthday (which her mom thought she was 27, her dad wasn't sure and she actually turned 26) and we were on opposing teams. We met in the semi-finals.

You think I'm going to take it easy on her cause it's her birthday? NO!

It didn't matter though. Brittany and her teammate, Harvey, beat us to move on to the championship game... and I will never hear the end of it until I get a rematch against her and stomp her.

Brittany and Harvey ended up coming in second, but that really didn't matter, cause everybody had an extremely fun weekend.