Kristen Stewart gives off the vibe that she doesn't care what others think. That may be true, except for when it comes to Robert Pattinson's sisters.

Kristen skipped out on Christmas in Robert’s homeland because she’s pretty horrified at what his family thinks of her after she, you know, got caught hooking up with her married director on camera.

Robert spent the holidays in South London with his folks, and his sister Lizzy is particularly upset about his reuniting with the cheating Kristen. He and his sibling got into a few arguments about it, because, well, no one wants to see someone they love being mistreated by someone.

“The rows kicked off on Christmas Eve when protective Lizzy had some words with Robert about getting back with a cheat. They were out drinking in Barnes, where Rob grew up. Lizzy was giving him grief about taking Kristen back and said she’s always hated the way he’s been treated by her. He and Kristen spent the festive season apart partly because she’s terrified of facing Rob’s family.”

I don't blame Kristen. Granted, it was her own actions that lead to her feeling this way. But, in my own humble opinion, best to face the family when they are all there to smooth things over. Why put it off or try and ignore the fact that you broke their brothers heart.

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