Tonight I will be playing Kris Allen's new album, "Thank You Camellia," from start to finish starting at 10pm! I hope you can join the party!

I've been a fan of Kris since he was on American Idol. I love how his voice sounds, he's absolutely adorable, and his personality is the cherries on top of the ice cream sundae. What a cool, down to earth guy. His sophomore album, "Thank You Camellia," was released on May 22nd, two-and-a-half years after his self-titled debut album, "Kris Allen." The lyrics are powerful, well thought out, and make the entire album complete. The title of the album is a reference to the home that he shared with friends from his home state of Arkansas while living in Los Angeles, where he wrote the majority of the songs. Let's dive right into "Thank You Camellia," here is my take on the album.

Better with you

The first track on the album starts off with a fun, upbeat song. Even though I am sure the song is about his wife, let's get creative and say it's about his dog, Zorro, who is also on the cover photo. "Cuz Baby, it's better with you." Myself and Kris are animal lovers. If you have a fur-baby, you know, wherever you go, he/she follows you. "You make a bad day better than good." So true when you have an animal, or someone that loves you for exactly who you are. They can read your thoughts and will make everything better.

The vision of love

The first single off the album. There is a remix on the Deluxe Version that I love! The lyrics are so powerful and sends a great message. "Lonely needs a friend....She feels out of place, she cries. Come on, someone tell this girl she's beautiful." Exactly what this world needs! More caring people! Go out of your way for someone, you will feel amazing helping others. Like Kris says, "Wake up if you believe." So what are you waiting for. Strike up a conversation with someone who looks like they need a friend, compliment a random stranger and mean it.

My Weakness

One of my favorites on the album. The flute in the background I think completes the song. I probably pay way to much attention to the little details of the song, but I love it! I find myself hitting repeat on this song. It's catchy, the lyrics are exactly my thoughts during a relationship. "Tell me you want me....Tell my you need me." Honestly, what ever happened to writing love notes? A love note is not the middle school check yes or no note. Write down your honest feelings for the person you love and share it with them. Whistle while you are writing it too, whistling will put some pep into your mood.

out alive

The fourth track on "Thank You Camellia" is the first slower song on the album. I am a personal lover of fun, upbeat songs, but I can appreciate a well thought out melody. If you have ever fallen in love with someone and had to move away and wondered if it would last, think positive! "We can show off our guns and put up a fight. If it's love, hold on tight. Maybe we'll make it out alive." Love can make it though anything as long as there is communication, honestly, and being open to new things. Love isn't easy. It's true love that will last.


A darker side to Kris Allen. The song has been around for awhile, but hearing it on an album for the first time sends chills down my spine. No one is perfect, we don't always share every thought and emotion when we meet someone. We keep things hidden, and then BAM! The monster comes out. No one is perfect, no one. I think Kris is more of a man for sharing this song with his fans. What is the monster in his life? Maybe the fact that he broke up with his now wife when he was a Senior in High School. He didn't want to be tied down. But, like a good man, he realized what he had was something he needed. His wife is one of his biggest supporters. "You have never seen this side of me. Maybe I should wear a warning sign that says there is danger if you ever get to close to me." What's the monster you are hiding? I believe when you start dating someone, the fist six months you meet their representative. On your best behavior, trying to be perfect, hiding the things they don't want you to see yet.


The sixth track off the album is such a romantic song. You want to impress a woman, write the lyrics down and call it your own! It's like 50 First Dates, where Drew's memory was erased each and every day and Adam had to make her fall in love with him everyday. "My fingers trace the outline of your shape and recognize the way you pull me into you. You're calling out to me, not saying a thing. You're everything I need and all that I could never, ever lose." Say that tonight and watch their heart melt. But, only say it if you mean it.

Teach me how loves goes

Seriously, can I clone Kris? The lyrics of this album make me want to go out there and find love. It's out there if you want it. If you are in a new relationship, still madly in love with your spouse after years of wedded bliss, or even just getting out of a relationship. This album will either make you fall for the person all over again, or want to go out there and find that right person for you. "Love is just a dream, and now we are waking up." Love isn't something you can teach, you feel it. You know when it's right. "Maybe life is just a lesson after all." Live and learn. Maybe he/she wasn't right for you, but if you want it, the right he/she is out there. You can teach yourself how to love by knowing what you want.


After you teach yourself how to love and find it, you want to scream it from the rooftops! You don't care how silly you feel, but you just want to let the whole world know you are in love! "Cuz she's the kind of girl you never get over." "My friends all say, I never hang out, they never see me anymore." So true! You can't get enough of the person you are falling for. You want that feeling all day, everyday. Your friends will understand! One of my top five favorites on this album, even though I've never fallen for someone hard enough to want to scream it from the rooftops. Someday though, I have faith that he is out there.

leave you alone

The hardest part after you realize you messed up is not to say you're sorry, it's walking away when you know you should make it right. "I've made it know, I am not going to give up being right. So I'll grab my coat and see you tomorrow." They say you should never go to bed angry, but sometimes you just can't make things right in one night. Owning up and knowing you were in the wrong is the hardest thing to do. Take a deep breath, swallow your pride and make things right. Let the fumes air out for the night and come back tomorrow with the sad puppy eyes and the fat lip and just say it, you're sorry.

loves me not (feat. Meiko)

A surprise little duet on the album. What a perfect match in vocals. Meiko does an amazing job on the song. Her bright voice brings the song into a different dimension. "I happily play the fool." Believing every word someone tells you. You want to believe they care, but they wouldn't "pick you up to watch you fall." The relationship you want to work out, but know it's not right for you. You want to believe what they are saying, but deep down you know it time to say goodbye. Pulling apart the petals of a flower and the final one is....loves me not.

you got a way

The final song on "Thank You Camellia" wraps up the love story. You want to leave for the night, but you get the the don't leave me stare as you get in the car to return home. You don't want to leave, but you have to. You end up not leaving and the love story continues on..."No matter how I try, I just can't say good-bye when I see that smile, it makes me stay for a got my heart in your hand." Long distance love, leaving for college, heading overseas, leaving for a business trip, love will be there when its time to come home.

Kris Allen shows us his softer, emotional side with his love story of "Thank You Camellia." Like I mentioned earlier, it doesn't matter if you are in love or not, this album can give us all hope or a renewed appreciation for our lover.

Overall, I would give the album an A-. The songs transitioning together like a play make the album easy to listen to. You can listen starting with Better With You and end with You Got A Way and feel you just watched a love story unfold. The love story that Kris shared with us. Kris Allen isn't just Season 8 winner of American Idol, he is an artist that continues to gain loyal fans and support from around the world. Much like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry; Kris will remain on the radio with his solid hits and writing.

My Favorite songs: Better With You, The Vision Of Love, My Weakness, Monster, Blindfolded, Rooftops. Not being a huge fan of slow songs, but sometimes a slower song has all the right words that you want to hear. Kris Allen sings them beautifully.

What are your thoughts on the album? Share you favorite songs and reviews below!