Here's a great story for the always reliable "Star" tabloids.

The "Star" is saying Kim Kardashian has gained 65 pounds since getting pregnant. Big deal right. Some women gain a lot of weight during pregnancy, some don't. No real shocker. If you eat uncontrollably, like the Star says she's doing, you will gain weight pregnant or not.

They say she's crying all the time and doesn't even want to have Kanye West, the baby daddy, see her naked anymore. Again, if you've been pregnant, you might know the feeling! You also might know the feeling of shedding the baby weight after your bundle of joy has arrived. Kim K doesn't plan on doing to eat right and exercise routine, she plan to go the Hollywood route of shedding baby weight.

Kim, again this is according to Star, will go under the knife once the baby is born.

"[She plans] to get everything lifted. She'll spend millions to get her figure back."

I believe the story about her eating a lot and crying, but going under the knife to "fix" what prenancy does to a woman, I'm not sold on this yet. Yes, Kim is obsessed with her image. But to spend millions on your body is a bit much. On second though, take a look at who we are talking about . . .

What did you do to get your pre-baby body back?

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