According to the E-Poll Market research firm, Kim Kardashian is the most overexposed celebrity.

I have to agree with this! It seems like every little thing she does gets media attention. While you might think I talk about her too much, I actually try and talk about her as little as possible. So many things have been "news-worthy" in the past 12 months for Kim K. Her engagement, wedding, divorce, the flour bomb, and everything else in between.

Kim is not the only one we seem to be fed up with in celebrity-ville.

Here's their 10 Most Overexposed Celebrities:

1-Kim Kardashian

2-Lindsay Lohan


4-The Octomom

5-Paris Hilton

6-Kate Gosselin

7-Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

8-Kourtney Kardashian

9-Levi Johnston

10-Khloe Kardashian

Not in the line of overexposure for a celebrity, but a topic I think that get's too much attention is who is dating who. Any time a single celebrity is hanging out with another single celebrity, they are automatically dating. Really? What happened to platonic friendships? Some of my best friends are males. Being friends with the opposite sex does not mean you are hooking up tabloids! I'm sure they want to be the first to report new relationships and get the cash for the first photo of said "relationship."

What Celebrity do you think is Overexposed?

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