Everybody takes a poop right?! Wrong! Kim K "claims" to never take a Number 2, or pass gas.

In the new issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine, Kim is on the cover and has a featured article about her. If you've read the magazine before you may know celebs fill out a little quiz about themselves. The fill in the blank question was "You'd be surprised I've never..." and that is where Kim made her statement that she's never gone #2 or passed gas.

Last April though, someone caught Kim leaving a little something behind in the hotel pool.

But in all seriousness, how is this humanly possible? Granted we don't want the men in our lives to know we do these natural activities, it's impossible to never poo.

Under active bowel movements could be a sign of poor health, according to Dr. Oz. Regular Bowel movements is a sign of good health.

And you may remember Oprah's memorable Everybody Poops episode.

So Kim, if what you are saying is true, you are very unhealthy, according to my research. Granted I am no doctor and what do I really know!

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