This might be the smartest thing that Kim Kardashian has ever said.

Kim K and her sister Kourtney were on Jimmy Kimmel last night talking about Kim's baby. Kim coughed up some smartness by saying her and Kanye both decided to keep the baby off T.V.

While I agree that it's smart to let the child make the decision if they want to be on film or not, my question is, if they paid her more would she say screw it and film with the baby? We've all got a price! Not saying that I care to watch the show with or without the baby, I just think if money got involved she would cave. I think the show is scripted enough that it wouldn't be too difficult to do a scene and then cut back to regular life minus the cameras.

Should Kim quit filming to focus on motherhood? Do you think all of Kim's decisions about the baby can be swayed by money?

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