Forget those that say "Kids" can't change the world.  I read a heart warming story about a six-year old boy in East Texas who raised money to help his dad fight cancer.  Drew Cox of Gladewater, Texas put up a lemonade stand outside his house this past Saturday and raised over $10,000!!  His dad Randy was diagnosed with cancer a few months back and recently started chemotherapy.  The family has health insurance but the the bills still ran up and before they knew it were thousands of dollars in debt.

Drew's lemonade stand attracted people from all over East Texas including visitors from Dallas, which is over 100 miles from Gladewater.  He priced the lemonade at 25 cents a cup but most gave way more than that, with one person giving Drew a check for $5,000.

This story warms my heart and proves you can change the world, one kid at a time!

Please share Drew's story with your own children.....this is proof you can make a difference in this world at any age!