The 7th Annual Kids And Parents Expo welcomed nearly a 1000 parents and over 2000 kids for the annual gathering of family-linked exhibitors. We sent the MIX Paparazzi into the throngs of strollers, pony-tails and ultra-patient Moms and Dads to get some snapshots of the fun!

This year The U of M Extension Discovery Area was THE spot to be, with a flight simulator, Aquatic, Wind and Lego Robotics. The kids were amazed and parents fascinated by the intricate workings. Freebies were plentiful and it seemed like everyone connected with exhibitors that had solutions, ideas or something fun to do.

GREAT Theatre stunned the crowd with amazing performances from their production of 'THE WIZ', the Juggler in the Yellow Hat got the crowd going with tricks and spell-binding bowling pin handling, and the Martial Arts demo was a thrill.

Unfortunately, NO CAPTURE of The MIX 94.9 $5000 Fugitive! But the good news is, we inducted over 500 new Bounty Hunters who swear they will apprehend the villain.

Check out the pictures of all the fun!