Now the whole family can go and get drinks at Starbucks, Mom, Dad and Secret Drinks for the kiddies.

Apparently the are drinks available on, as well as; off the menu just for kids, the Passion Teas aren't just for adults anymore.

Kids Hot Chocolate is a given, a drink you can never go wrong with. Made with 2% nonfat milk, Soy and Whole are available too. Got to have those options.

A decaffeinated Passion Iced Tea is available, a berry flavored drink, cool and refreshing and can be sweetened if you so choose. Raspberry and Lemonade flavored syrups available as well, even Black and Green Teas.

The Vanilla Steamer made with milk and vanilla syrup, on the menu you might see sugar-free but there is sucralose.

The Smoothie will always please anyone no mater what age. Strawberry, Orange Mango and Chocolate all sound good to me. All the smoothies come with a banana, 2 percent milk, and whey protein and fiber.

Babyccino is a cappuccino, but without the espresso, a pretty foamy drink and most kids like the presentation before diving in just because of the light and bubbly foam appearance.

A blend of Strawberry and Lemonade called simply Blended Strawberry Lemonade. It's slushy sweet drink with Strawberry puree and Lemonade and Cream.

Syrup Cream Frappuccino , Vanilla Bean, Strawberries & Crème and Double Chocolaty Chip are all made without coffee (Caffeine Free).

Caramel Apple Spice, now that sounds good with apple juice with cinnamon  syrup, heated up with caramel and whipped cream.

Raspberry Italian Soda is another to ask for simply some raspberry syrup and add Pellegrino and you're off to the races.

Keep in mind most Frappuccino's and Chai Tea Lattes are loaded with Caffeine so for the kids you may want to skip those but like most things there are replacements.

So kids sit back and relax and enjoy your Secret Drink. Yum!