Kevin Federline has two sons with Britney Spears, 6-year-old Sean Preston and 5-year-old Jayden James. When they're old enough, he wants them to work for a living.

Obviously we all want our kids to work for their money and not just take money for their famous Mama. K-Fed wants his sons to work at McDonald's when they get older.

"I'll have them working at Micky D's.  That's how we had to do it!  I worked at a car wash.  I worked at a pizza place.  Things like that made me. I can be in this business now and I'm still the same person I am back then, because I know what I want out of life and how to treat people."

When I first saw the headline, I honestly thought this was a joke. After reading it a little more, I understood that he wants his kids to grow up knowing what it's like to work for their money. Yes their mom is Britney Spears and can by them anything and everything they want, but to understand the value of money is a great thing to know, and understand!

And it's not like working at McDonald's is a bad thing either. Several famous people worked their and it teaches kids responsibility! My first job was working in a deli and it was great! Taught me leadership, communication skills, and taught me to budget my money! My first car was paid for by me! I took better care of my things because I had to work for it!

What was your first job as a teenager?

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