Britney Spears' ex-hubby is again trying to shed the weight. Kevin Federline as you might remember was on "Celebrity Fit Club" on VH1. Even though he slimmed down on the show and got back to his dancer "figure," he put the weight back on. Now K-Fed is on the Australian version of CFC called "Excess Baggage." It takes place in a very remote and hostile part of the Outback.

Unfortunately, things got pretty bad for K-Fed. Due to the heat stress he collapsed and had to be hospitalized. Now I don't know how long he was in the hospital, but he is back on the set. Doesn't matter how many times you have gotten your butt kicked by trainers, losing weight for some is not an easy thing!

The show will debut in Australia sometime in the New Year. No word if we will ever get to see it here in the States.

I like to watch weight loss shows. They trigger a feeling of "I can do it too!" in my brain, but sadly the motivation just isn't there. I'm personally looking forward to next weeks finale of "The Biggest Loser." To think if I too started working out when the season began I could have lost a good 20-pounds. Next season, right?!

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